Miami Real Estate Investment Trends


There’s been a lot of talk lately about economic turmoil and tumultuous international relations tanking the luxury real estate market, in Miami and across the world. That’s just silly. Of course that’s not going to happen. We may be in for some ups and downs, but we’re certain that Miami is going to remain one of the top luxury real estate markets for worldwide investors for decades to come.

Miami-based polling firm Bendixen and Amandi just completed their annual poll of Miami real estate insiders. Not one respondent expects the market to soften in the way a lot of pundits are saying it might.
Our take on this news: Now is the time to buy. An uptick in prices is coming, and could be here in as little as a year.

The survey also indicated that there’s been a reduction in foreign investment in Miami luxury real estate.
Our take on this news: That’s no surprise. Just about everywhere in the United States has seen the same trend, but this isn’t bad news. Those investors haven’t decided to spend their money elsewhere. For the most part, they are just in a holding pattern. Meanwhile, the vacuum is being filled by a lot of buyers from New York, Chicago and other areas north. And, remember, foreign buyers haven’t gone away. They still make up a large percentage of overall real estate sales. South Florida is a haven for international investors, and that is not likely to change in our lifetimes.

These changes in the market mean that buyer priorities are changing. School quality and parks are topping priority lists instead of high-end dining and shopping.
Our take on this news: Great! A community that has something for everyone is a stronger, more vibrant, more diverse community. That’s going to mean long-term viability for our luxury market, regardless of where our buyers come from in the future. And, let’s keep all of this in perspective. It isn’t like high-end dining and shopping aren’t priorities. Quality schools have just been added to that top of the list, along with luxury lifestyle requirements.


The survey also indicated that most industry insiders say that now is the time to buy luxury real estate in Miami. Half say that prices are going to go up in the next year. And, only 19 percent said that prices were at risk of falling any further.

Our take on this news: We agree wholeheartedly. Prices of luxury condos in Miami have fallen, making this a great time for people looking for a second home to make the leap. And, there are a lot of new markets opening up as developers widen their view of where to build.

Many developers are moving into areas like Little Havana because they see potential for market growth, and believe that they can increase demand in those areas from high-end luxury buyers.

Our take on this news: That’s great. So far, developers are taking a measured approach to creating a luxury market in areas like Little Havana without ruining what is great about them, or eliminating more affordable family neighborhoods. It’s a win-win.

It also appears, from the survey, that now is a great time to rent condos in Miami. More rental units are being built, and rents aren’t as high as they are in a lot of other luxury real estate markets.
Our take on this news: Fine, rent. But don’t wait too long to buy. The market has little-to-no room to move downward, and a ton of upward potential. Don’t miss out because you’re waiting for deals to get better.

If you’re ready to find a second home in Miami, or are looking for a great U.S.-based investment, give us a call. We are part of that insider community that Bendixen and Amandi turned to for their survey, and we’ve got the resources and connections to find you exactly what you need.