Luxury Real Estate Trends Update


You may think that luxury real estate markets worldwide would move together as markets change overall, but they don’t. Luxury and investment real estate markets follow completely different trends — they follow their own rules. And, the rules change from region to region. So, if you’re new to the luxury real estate market, it is important to keep up on the latest trends.

We’ll be covering those trends here on our blog, with updates about every quarter. And, if your focus is on the luxury market in Miami, give us a call. We’ve got an insider’s view and we’ll share what we know so that you can make the best possible investment.

United States Markets

For the second calendar quarter of this year, luxury home sales prices were up more than 7 percent, which is the first time we’ve seen such a gain since 2014. Supplies are down and sales are going steady.
Our take on this news: This is a good sign, and it is a trend that we’re going to see continuing. In many areas, including places like the Hamptons and Aspen, it is definitely a seller’s market. But, even in downturns, real estate is a great investment in those parts of the world, so there’s little-to-no risk at buying at a slightly inflated price. We think it is a great time to buy in the U.S. luxury market. As long as demand keeps climbing, which it will, prices will stay on pace. We’re seeing a lot of upside, and no sign that things are going to slow any time soon.



If you’re looking for a bargain in the luxury real estate market, keep an eye on London. With the uncertainty of Brexit looming over the country, it appears that investors may have been scared off. Inventories are rising and prices are falling. And with currency valuations all over the place these days, there are sure to be some great bargains in England.
Our take on this news: All of this is temporary, so don’t wait too long if you’re bargain shopping for a luxury real estate investment in London. Politics in the EU are bound to find solid ground, and it could be only a year or so before we see the cycles shift and prices start on an upswing again. You can wait for rock bottom, but when it hits, you’ll need to act fast.


The property market in Germany’s capital is booming. Driving into town, it is impossible to miss all of the construction and brand new developments. Many analysts are pointing to Berlin as the next big focus for international investors. Overall, home values are up 49 percent since 2013, and foreign investment is estimated to already account for more than 50 percent of the market’s growth.
Our take on this news: If you’re looking for a place to park some cash in real estate, Berlin might be a great choice right now.

Top Ten

Schroeders published its list of its top 10 global cities for real estate investors last year.

  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Hong Kong
  • Houston
  • Melbourne
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai

We noticed that Miami, while it appears further down on the list, isn’t in the top 10.
Our take on this news: We think they are missing a big piece of the puzzle, and our next article is going to focus entirely on new developments in the Miami luxury real estate market and why it should definitely be in that top 10 list.

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